Personal loan offers for holidays

This summer season begins with a number of offers from financial entities. Many of these offers are attractive, with good interest rates. The amounts vary according to each institution. According to a study recently conducted by American Express Spain, Spaniards will spend an average of 2070 euros on the summer holidays 2018.

Personal loans for vacation

Personal loans for vacation

One of those lender institutions is Younited Credit, where you can get from € 1000 to € 40,000 that you can pay from 24 to 72 months. One of the benefits of Younited Credit is that the rates of all loans are fixed, with no hidden costs. The loan rate depends on the amount you choose and also on the term in which you will pay.

Another organization that offers attractive loans is Elton Bank. In Elton bank you can request from € 3,000 to € 50,000 that you can pay from 1 to 8 years. Elton’s interest rates are competitive and are more beneficial if you enter your payroll with the organization and take out life insurance. If you do that, the TIN you must pay will be 8.45% and the APR of 9.00%. If you do not wish to link with Elton, you can also request the loan but the TIN will be 9.45 / and the TAE will be 9.87%.

In Bankil you can request a direct credit from € 500 to € 6000 that you have a term to pay from 12 to 42 months. The minimum and maximum interest rate is TIN 22.12% – TIN 24.51%. In lend from € 3000 to € 50,000 with an APR that is between 8.25% and 10.36%.

At the bank of Agribank you will find all kinds of loans for any of your needs. Some of the loans you will find are of a not very high amount, such as the Loan Expansión Punctual, perfect for small specific needs, and the expansion line, with which you can count on amounts of up to 5000 euros. With the Loan Expansión Punctual they lend up to € 3000 that you can return in different terms that suit you, without interest and with a TAE of 10.63%. For a loan of € 2000 the term is maximum 10 months.

Another good option is Crediteria, where you can request from € 3000 to € 75,000 that you can pay from 2 to 10 years. Crediteria manages a TIN from 6.95% and APR from 7.73%. To apply for the loan it is necessary that you have an account in Crediteria, although you can get the best interest rates if you pay your salary or pension in the organization during the entire duration of the loan.

It is necessary that the payroll or pension that domicilies is for an amount greater than 1000 € per month, in case it is a single holder. If there are two or more holders, the sum of the payrolls or pensions that are domiciled in Crediteria must be at least € 1500 per month. There are no fees for the study of the loan, if there is an opening commission of 2.30%. So we invite you to take advantage of these holiday loan offers, so that you can take the trip of your dreams.