6 Portland bars with great mocktails

Mocktails aren’t just for drinking breaks after the holidays – and Portland’s bartenders have taken note. The mocktail scene has grown slowly but steadily over the past few years, resulting in an increasingly thoughtful approach to these drinks in the city’s bars and restaurants. No longer relegated to bottles of Coca Cola and kombucha, customers can now sip elegant drinks they won’t find anywhere else. Many mirror the cuisines of these spaces, use seasonal ingredients, and change as often as their alcoholic counterparts. Here are just a few of the many places in Portland where you can still enjoy an evening without the morning hangover.

Abigail Room

Veteran mixologist Jared Wegner not only incorporates zero-proof spirits into Abigail’s menu, but also uses the complex flavors of coffee and tea to enhance the drinks. Launched on January 12, the new Tarragon + Matcha and Cranberry + Cascara drinks are a nod to the winter season. The first incorporates a homemade juniper berry tonic with cinchona bark, cilantro, cardamom, angelica root and citrus husk. In the latter, macerated cranberries mix with wild rose hips and cascara (coffee shell), cut with whey and accompanied by pomegranate molasses, rose water and saline solution. 813 SW Alder St

Bit House Collective

Whether it’s late at night or Sunday brunch for a weekly dose of cabaret and high heels, this handcrafted cocktail bar meets old school diving offers one of the most extensive menus on this list. Most notable drinks include The Fighter, which fuses a handful of unlikely ingredients including cilantro, sesame, lemongrass, lime leaf makrut, Thai chili peppers, clarified pineapple, and grapefruit. With Chicha Morada, Bit House brings its own twist on classic Peruvian punch, combining purple corn with pineapple, toasted coconut, baking spices and citrus, along with a creamy whipped topping of aquafaba. A whole list of 0% beers by Athletic Brewing Club completes the menu. 727 SE Grand Ave

Blank slate

Blank Slate’s Kierre Van Dierre incorporates many of the same seasonal ingredients you’ll find in alcoholic cocktails into non-alcoholic drinks. Along with a few low ABV cocktails, you’ll find a few zero-proof drinks on hand. Yuzu Collins relies on saline to properly season rosemary, grapefruit syrup, and yuzu for a balanced and refreshing drink, while the Eat, Pray, Pineapple combo of pineapple, ginger, and chili is packed with plenty of. revealing flavors rarely seen outside of alcoholic spirits. 7201 NE Glisan St Suite C

Luc Lac Kitchen

As one of the first restaurants to put Vietnamese cuisine on the cards of Portland foodies, Luc Lac gets a lot of credit for his namesake dish – cubed wok-fried beef in a Hennessey butter-and-butter sauce. garlic – and its night hours. But many customers overlook the innovative cocktail selection, which incorporates ingredients from across Southeast Asia; their soft drinks are definitely the unsung heroes of this menu. The drinks highlight flavors such as green tea, lychee and palm sugar; Thai Tea Creamosa is a sweet-salty blast of Thai tea, lime makrut syrup, and salty coconut whipped cream, while Durian Horchata is a mellow take on the notoriously tangy and garlic flavor. durian, mixed with pandan, almond milk and cinnamon-jasmine rice, plus garnished with melon balls. 835 SW 2nd avenue

Scottish Lodge

Let the creativity of Scotch Lodge mixologists shine with a bespoke alcohol-free cocktail. An off-menu creation is the Virgin Sour (pictured above), a creamy and fruity blend of pineapple and orange juice with egg white, coconut demerara oolong and Fee’s Old Fashioned, made by another non-spirited liquor producer. Presented with a fresh flower and garnished with grated nutmeg, it reflects the complexity of a watered cocktail, complemented by an incredibly frothy egg white. 215 SE 9th Ave # 102

Sucker Punch

Suckerpunch is a long-term project. After suspending plans to build a bar on Stark Street, the completely zero-proof cocktail brand has remained active by hosting pop-ups in the Southeast Industrial District and selling cocktail kits. meticulously prepared. While the end goal is to open a completely alcohol-free bar in Southeast Portland, Suckerpunch will be opening a pop-up cocktail bar this winter in a former gym in the Goat Blocks neighborhood; stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, cocktail kits are a home-friendly option to stay at home featuring partnerships with local brands like Smith Tea, Camelia Kombucha, and Wilderton, a local spirits-free botanical distiller.

Joshua B. Speller