Check out the craziest tattoos of Teen Mom stars, from Amber Portwood’s massive portrait of daughter Leah to Bar Smith’s ink eyebrow

JADE Cline’s new face tattoo is just the latest ink in a long line of Teen Mom tattoos.

Jade revealed a small lightning bolt placed next to her ear in a video on her Instagram Stories on Sunday.


Jade Clines, a shocking new tattooCredit: Instagram
Maci Bookout's Huge Book Tattoos Voted Worst Ink By Teen Mom Fans


Maci Bookout’s Huge Book Tattoos Voted Worst Ink By Teen Mom FansCredit: Instagram

Jade made the reveal when a fan asked her during an Instagram question-and-answer session, “Tattoos? If so, how many and which is your favorite?”

The MTV star replied, “Lost count. But my face is one of my favorites. [sic]. “

The 24-year-old Teen Mom 2 star has dozens of tattoos, including a “Bite Me” ink on her arm, which she did in November of last year.

She also has her four-year-old daughter Kloie’s name inked on her, along with several skulls and roses.

Jade is just one of many Teem Mom stars to get inked – some for the better and some for the worse.

Take a look at some of Teen Mom’s most memorable tattoos.


Maci can't cover her huge tattoo


Maci can’t cover her huge tattooCredit: Getty

Maci Bookout is honored to have what fans call the worst tattoos of all Teen Moms.

The 30-year-old has shown particular contempt for her “shoulder to cry on a tissue” and her tattoos on her “paper” back.

The torn sheet of paper looks like something a high school student would stuff into their backpack.

It takes up its entire back and is accompanied by the legend / mantra: “Learn to pay.” “

Many Reddit users mistook the fabric over his shoulder for a “clam”, “weird bat wing”, “ghost” and “superhero cape”, instead of his actual design as a handkerchief for a shoulder to cry on.

One reviewer summed up the tattoos as follows: “Maci’s back tattoo is one hundred percent the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen, and I’m a connoisseur of bad tattoos.

It looks like something I would have drawn in college when I was angry. “


Jenelle Evans and her "dumbest tattoo"


Jenelle Evans and her “dumbest tattoo”Credit: TikTok

Jenelle Evans may only live once, but her avowed “dumbest tattoo” will live.

In February 2021, the 30-year-old took to TIC Tac to share a clip that opens with a woman asking viewers what the “dumbest tattoo” they’ve ever received.

The short video then shows the former MTV star showing off a black and gray cursive script tattoo of rapper Drake’s once famous motto: “YOLO”.

Jenelle captioned it: “LMFAO, had to share this tattoo ASAP.”


Amber Portwood's tribute to her daughter has not been well received.


Amber Portwood’s tribute to her daughter has not been well received.Credit: Splash

In 2010, Amber Portwood revealed what has been described as a “spooky” tribute to her daughter Leah – a life-size color face wrapped around her belly.

The tattoo, which appears to represent a worried young Leah, has been ridiculed online.

On Reddit, one user shared, “Sorry, sorry… You’re telling me, that tattoo of Leah’s face… is it on Ambers’ body?” Take it away, I can’t stand to watch, ”


Bar is working to get tattoos off his face permanently


Bar is working to get tattoos off his face permanentlyCredit: social media – Refer to source

Regrets? Bar Smith has had a few.

Especially her two facial tattoos, just above each eyebrow.

In an attempt to “clean up his image” following a series of arrests and alcohol addiction, Bar, 24, has undergone at least four laser removal sessions.

Bar would have liked to someday be a vet tech and recently learned that facial tattoos are specifically frowned upon in school.

At the end of November, he updated the results, telling fans: “It’s a long process but it’s fading away.”


Batman and his son


Batman and his sonCredit: Instagram / Tyler Baltierra

Tyler Baltierra was trying to express his love for two special people in his life in 2019 – his new daughter, Vaeda and Batman.

So, the 29-year-old Teen Mom OG star and husband of Catelynn Lowell got a eternal homage to both.

Tyler’s special tattoo features the dark knight cradling the newborn baby in a loving embrace.

But many Reddit users, although the extended look of Batman’s hoodie looked more like something that would make the amazing boy Dick Grayson’s sidekick blush.

“It’s a dick,” one user explained. “This photo is of a cock. There is even an opening for the urethra and the line for the beginning of the head. Everything.”

Tyler has since deleted the photo from his Instagram, but fans continue to give him a hard time.


Kailyn Lowry's dreamcatcher turned into a nightmare


Kailyn Lowry’s dreamcatcher turned into a nightmareCredit: Kailyn Lowry Fan Page / Facebook

Kailyn Lowry had a massive dreamcatcher tattoo on her thigh in 2020, to reflect her Native American roots – only to find out she isn’t.

The Teen Mom 2 star remained furious when a DNA ancestry test revealed that she had no Native American heritage from her father’s side as she previously believed.

While visiting her aunt and father in Texas, the aunt told her a compelling story about how she is Native American. .

“So I have this huge dream catcher tattoo on my thigh because I’m like I’m a fucking Native American that’s amazing! I know where I’m from,” she told PEOPLE. at the time.

Years later, two different DNA tests proved the reality TV star’s aunt wrong.

“I have no Native Americans in me. None. Not even one percent,” Kailyn said with a laugh.


King of Javi was finally won over after his relationship ended


King of Javi was finally won over after his relationship endedCredit: MTV

Javi Marroquin’s romantic gesture to show his undying love for his Teen Mom 2 girlfriend Briana DeJesus was to get a tattoo.

The couple went with a chess theme, with Javi getting a king’s chess piece inked to her ribcage, while Briana went for a queen.

But three months later, it was the end of the match for the couple, as they broke up.

Javi switched to a relationship with Lauren Comeau and, in March 2019, on their first anniversary, covered up the tattoo and shared a special post on Instagram:

“Children, don’t get tattoos.”

In 2021, Javi and Lauren went their separate ways, and the 29-year-old was recently seen spending time with his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry.

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