Enjoy 50% off cocktails at Three Little Words this month

Nestled under the arches behind Manchester Central, you’ll find an exquisite cocktail bar offering 50% off in January…

Three little wordsA carefully crafted cocktail menu is a must-have anytime of the year, but especially this month, as you can grab all your favorites for half the price!

The bar and restaurant offer cocktails prepared by the folks behind Manchester Gin in a beautifully comfortable space, perfect for getting away from it all in the colder months.

Serious competitors in the cocktail game, Three Little Words drinks are an exploration of incredible ingredients and an outlet for creativity and passion, telling an intoxicating love story across its menu.

From bubbly and sweet to bitter and twisted, it runs through stages of romance, devotion, and something a little darker. Using flavors and spirits from around the world and its award-winning neighboring distillery, Three Little Words has created a list of unique cocktails to suit all tastes.

The menu is divided into Lust, rapture, devotion and Ultimatum, with each section including a range of drinks related to its title, and you can try them all this month for half the price !! (No, we’re not going to stop talking about it).

Just a kiss, a short drink made with raspberry gin, sauvignon blanc, hibiscus, strawberry and ginger beer is on the menu for just £ 5 throughout the month of January!

Caught in the rain, a long cocktail of Jamaican rum, passion fruit, coconut, cassia and pineapple costs £ 4.75 and you can also get the bar’s mocktail, the Jekyll, containing toasted lemon, mango, pineapple and eucalyptus for £ 3.25. Three Little Words also offers a watered version, with much of its marine strength gin.

If “wet” January is more your thing, then prepare to get absolutely wet this month at Three Little Words. The bar’s cocktail offer spans Wednesday and Friday until 7 p.m. and Thursday all day!

The place also serves some pretty decent food, if you need to soak up the 35 cocktails you’ve just had, and you can book yourself a table by following the link below! ENJOY!


50% discount on cocktails and spirits

Available from Wednesday to Thursday (all day) and Friday (until 7 p.m.)

To book a table


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