Netizens enraged as Mumbai restaurant refuses entry to hijab-wearing woman; employee says “we don’t allow anyone in saree too”

In a viral video making the rounds on social media, a restaurant in Worli, Mumbai refused entry to a woman wearing the rida, a type of hijab.

In an undated and unverified video that is widely shared on Instagram, Tap Resto Bar at Worli’s Atria Mall asked the woman’s friends to tell her to take off her hijab before entering the restaurant.

In the 2-minute clip, another restaurant employee can be heard saying, “We don’t even allow people who come to the restaurant to wear saris.” He further says, “We don’t allow Indian outfits in the restaurant.”

The video has angered netizens over its gruesome corporate policy of entering a restaurant.

Sharing the video, an Instagram user, sakinamaimoonn, wrote: “It amazes me that such absurd restrictions still exist in a seemingly ‘secular’ society. Today my friend was denied entry to restaurant because she was wearing the rida, a type of hijab and I was told to take it off because it was “inappropriate”. It’s completely unacceptable, and it makes our stomachs sick. “

The video quickly went viral, angering many Indians who denounced the restaurant’s “discriminatory” and “elitist” rules.

“Hate will only get you so far!” wrote one Instagram user. “This is infuriating.” wrote another.

“Really shameful,” wrote a third Instagram user, while another wrote, “there is something extremely bad about this place.”

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Posted: Sunday October 17th 2021, 8:33 PM IST

Joshua B. Speller