Recommendations Granada and Seville – Restaurants – Spain

I’m looking for updated recommendations for Granada and Seville. I will be traveling with my husband and 6 years later this week to Granada for 3 nights, Ronda for 1 night, Seville for 4 nights. We have never visited Andalusia, but visited Spain more recently in 2017 (San Sebastian, Roija, BCN). Here is what I have collected so far by rubbing CH …

Tapas – Bar FM, La Tana, Los Diamantes, Saint Germain, La Botillería
Restaurants – El Claustro, Chikito

– A recommendation for a good sit-down restaurant for the first night? We will be traveling from San Francisco, we will be exhausted from the jet lag, and find it helpful to plan a fabulous restaurant for the first night in advance to eliminate any decision making and to indulge ourselves. Conveniently within walking distance of the Hospes Palacio de Los Patos hotel.
– Are there some tapas bars that are more suitable for children than others, that is to say more likely to win a table or a seat?

Unfortunately, we will only be in Ronda for one night on Monday, so we will be limited in open bars / restaurants. We looked at Chef Benito Gomez’s list and found that Lechuguita is open on Mondays. We also came across Casa Maria. We will probably ask the hotel for a recommendation as well.

– We are looking for a nice sit down lunch / dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving. A friend recommended Ispal, but I haven’t seen any mention of it here on CH. Thoughts? Also, we are considering Sobretables and could do both restaurants if they are both worth a visit.

Places on our list – Bar Eslava, Pura Tasca, Bodeguita Antonio Romero, La Abacería de San Lorenzo, Petit Comité, Cañabota, La Barra de Cañabota, Cervezeria Salmedina, Casa Román, Casa Morales, La Atrayana, Bar Las Teresas

Thank you thank you thank you in advance for any contribution you can make!

Joshua B. Speller