Saskatchewan licensed restaurants can now serve delivery or take out alcohol

If you want to order, you can now have a cocktail delivered to your door.

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The Government of Saskatchewan announced Monday that licensed restaurants can once again serve take out and delivery alcohol.

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For many restaurants like the Homestead Bar À Vin in Regina, the COVID-19[female[feminine the pandemic has hit them hard.

The restaurant offers take-away meals. Owner Josh McLean said several of his friends in the industry wanted this option.

“It’s just another possibility of using it to be able to recoup the losses we have suffered from COVID-19,” McLean said.

The province said 900 licensed restaurants across Saskatchewan can now serve a beer with a burger, either take-out or delivery, without obtaining a delivery permit.

This applies to beer, wine, mixed cocktails and growlers, according to the Saskatchewan government press release.

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“While restaurants can sell alcohol with take out / delivery food orders, they will not be allowed to operate as large-scale liquor retailers – they cannot establish retail shelves. retail or make purchases on the spot for alcohol to take away, “the statement said.

Homestead still has questions about how it will work, but they said they think it is a step in the right direction.

McLean is not sure if his establishment would be able to sell take-out wine, but said he hopes it will.

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Homestead serves privately imported wines which are more difficult to obtain in Regina.

“People usually don’t want to drive those 20, 30 minutes over there to buy wine, so so they can take it here and we make a few extra bucks and save money on gasoline. , it works for everyone, ”McLean said.

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The ongoing pandemic has affected foot traffic in restaurants, according to Hospitality Saskatchewan, which works with restaurants and others in the hospitality industry.

“I think what we saw was that when the proof of vaccination came in, there was an immediate drop in income, especially on table service,” CEO Jim Bence said.

He said restaurants are seeing fewer people dine at restaurants and all the ways in which businesses can make a few extra bucks are needed.

“Customers will always want to access the food they really love and there are opportunities to have a drink with that which, again, will help them generate income for sure,” Bence said.

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Restaurants were able to briefly deliver alcohol earlier this year before the rule changed. The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce said many restaurants want this delivery and take-out option to return.

“They really enjoyed it,” said CEO Steve McLellan.

“It gives them another source of income… with winter and COVID-19, (customers) may be less inclined to go to restaurants, it gives them a great outlet.

For Homestead, they said the move would help many struggling restaurants in Saskatchewan.

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