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Alcoholic beverages – originally in the form of beer – have been around since around 7000 BC. AD Cocktails have a more recent history.

The origin of the term is somewhat murky, but the first unambiguous use of the term to refer to a drink was published in an upstate New York newspaper in 1806, defining a “rooster’s tail” as “a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind”. plain, sugar, water and bitters. (Sounds like it could have been included in our list of 28 low-calorie alcoholic beverages.)

By the mid-19th century, cocktails had grown in popularity in America, and in 1862 New York bartender and bartender Jerry Thomas published the country’s first drink book: “Bar-Tender’s Guide”, also known as the name “How to Mix Drinks”. or the Companion of Bon-Vivant”. (Always considered a valuable reference work, it is available as a reprint to this day.)

What really catapulted cocktails into the mainstream was the ready availability of ice, starting in the late 1800s. Ice cooled things down, making cocktails flavorful and refreshing. Unfortunately, as the consumption of these concoctions grew in popularity, Prohibition banned the “manufacture, sale, and transportation of intoxicating liquor” in the United States. with juices and other ingredients.

After Prohibition ended in 1933, the creation of new drinks continued, leading to the golden age of cocktails in the mid-20th century. (Think of the three-martini lunches of the “Mad Men” era.) Interest in cocktails waned a bit in the 1960s and 1970s, but revived in the 1990s, and many bars and restaurants are doing today promoting their cocktail programs, with bartenders always inventing more. more imaginative (and often oddly named) libations.

What are the most popular cocktails in the world today? To find out, 24/7 Tempo looked at the results of a survey conducted earlier this year by International Drinks, a publication covering the global spirits, wine and beer markets. The publication asked a sample of 100 of the world’s best bars which mixed drinks they sold the most, then compiled the results. (For drinking habits closer to home, check out the most popular cocktail in every state.)

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The survey’s ranking suggests age-old cocktails never go out of style. The top five, this year as in 2021 – the Old Fashioned, the Negroni, the Daiquiri, the Dry Martini and the Margarita – have all been consumed for decades and remain staples on every cocktail menu across the country. Their order has changed slightly, however: last year, the Old Fashioned were No. 1, ahead of the Negroni; now they have changed places. Additionally, the Margarita and Dry Martini each moved up a spot, leaving former third place Daiquiri at No. 5.

It’s worth noting that around half of the cocktails on this list date their (likely) origins back over a century – although the #13 spot is taken by a relative newcomer, penicillin, invented at Milk & Honey. of New York in 2005. .

Joshua B. Speller