The 5 best bars in Baltimore, Maryland

Below is a list of the best bars in Baltimore. To help you find the best bars near you in Baltimore, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

The best bars in Baltimore:

Top rated bars in Baltimore, MD are:

  • Cat’s Eye Ad – proudly rewards its bar and restaurant experience over the years to all its customers
  • Tír na nÓg Irish Bar & Grill, Baltimore – offers comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment options for inpatients and outpatients
  • The elk room – has a long history of helping people get out of pain through chiropractic care
  • Max’s Taphouse – opens its doors to beer and wine lovers from all over the world
  • Rye – revered craft cocktail bar in the heart of Fells Point

Cat’s Eye Ad

Tasty Bars in Baltimore, MD

Cat’s Eye Ad proudly rewards its bar and restaurant experience over the years to all of its customers. They are available any time of the week and serve refreshing and innovative food and drinks. In addition, they were voted Best Live Music and Entertainment in the Baltimore Magazine reader poll. Their staff are friendly and accommodating to all of their guests’ nighttime activities. Plus, they’re a local favorite.

Their restaurant and bar offer their guests relaxing and sparkling drinks and selections of dishes. These include draft beer, wheat beer and fresh cold Irish whiskeys. Plus, they offer late-night live group sessions with local and national artists.


beer, cocktails


Address: 1730 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231,
Telephone: (410) 276-9866


“Morgan was the best bartender ever! Love the vibe of the Cats Eye pub. Live music, open windows, large open space in the doors and a lovely outdoor patio. Morgan attended our bachelorette party and was amazing! Can’t wait to visit again. This place has so much character! I loved the band playing. – Staffier Lane

Tír na nÓg Irish Bar & Grill, Baltimore

Affordable Bars in Baltimore, MD

Tír na nÓg Irish Bar & Grill, Baltimore is a unique Irish bar integrated with the bar of the new American culture. The pub is adorned with Irish decor for a whole new experience. They invite their customers to enjoy a selection of the best Irish and local food and beers. Plus, they have an overall menu created with authentic recipes. The dishes are created by experienced artisans from all over the world.

They have a great variety of Irish combined with tasty American food to suit their drinks. Plus, this includes Mexican salads and Irish beer with breaded fish and chips. They also offer specialty cocktails, white wines and sparkling wines.


Gaelic dishes, cocktails, wines, bar


Address: 201 E Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Telephone: (410) 483-8968


“Daniel was an amazing waiter who advised and warned us about food portions and placed the order in a timely manner so that we could get on our boat. He recommended an excellent selection of beers for our group. Dalia cleaned our table diligently. Helen is a very friendly manager who interacted with us. It was a nice restaurant with great service. There didn’t seem to be a lot of waiters working up front though the house on a Friday night but they were working very efficiently. Our experience was excellent and if we go back I will not hesitate to repeat it! – Epic Kaleb

The elk chamber

best bars in Baltimore, MD

The elk chamber is named as one of the best Esquire bars in the country to date. They opened their doors more than 5 years ago and welcome more than 60 guests every evening. They make sure their bar is relaxing and has permanent insurance. In addition, their bartenders are all friendly. The staff are experienced in creating the finest spirits and cocktails.

Their bar offers a delicious selection of wine and beer products with unique cocktail choices. These include their house classics like the Kitsune, Passion Pit, and Fool’s Gold. In addition, they also have red, white and sparkling wines and entrees.


whiskey, spirits


Address: 1010 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Telephone: (410) 327-8111


“Literally stumble into Baltimore’s funniest underground bar. There is no sign (of course) and you just need to find your way. Once inside, you’ll relax in a library and almost steampunk decor. Personally, I prefer a spoken menu – especially since the bartenders are so kind and attentive. They want to match you with the perfect cocktail. I also loved Dylan’s card tricks! Live music was enjoyable and both bedrooms are a great experience. – Lindsey Scopel

Max’s Taphouse

Must-see bars in Baltimore, MD

Max’s Taphouse opens its doors to beer and wine lovers from all over the world. The taphouse is a local favorite which is a must-see bar when visiting the city. Plus, they have some of the rarest and most obscure beers on their menu at affordable prices. Their staff are reliable and friendly to create the perfect ambiance within the taphouse. In addition, they offer efficient customer service.

They have a wide selection of beers, wines and a menu of delicious food. In addition, they serve selected beers, draft beers and ciders. They also have mixed drinks, spiked seltzer, and single pour.


pizza, cold beer, bar, wine, seltzer


Address: 733 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231
Telephone: (410) 675-6297


“Great place to bond with family while watching Georgia and FSU win. Friendly service and great food too! Incredibly fun place; beautiful building, friendly bartenders and a long beer list with local and European options. Cool place to just hang out with a drink or to attend the myriad of events they host throughout the week. ” -David Floyd


Craft Bars in Baltimore, MD

Rye is the revered artisanal cocktail bar in the heart of Fells Point. In addition, they are inspired by the rich history of their neighborhood. Their staff blend the textured past of the art of the artisan drummer. In addition, they strive to provide a unique experience by celebrating the cocktail. The resto-bar opened its doors over ten years ago, opening the doors to the craft cocktails movement.

The bar offers a variety of fine evening meals and a secluded bar. Additionally, this includes a full 6-course meal with side dishes like toast and pasta. Their bar offers red and rosé wines with a cold beer and creative cocktails.


cocktails, pub


Address: 1639 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231
Telephone: (443) 438-3455


“Friendly bartender and great cocktails were a treat! I would definitely come back, I had a My Wife is a Gangster cocktail and it was amazing! ! These cocktails are well thought out for flavor and are also designed for taste. Very nice, discreet speakeasy bar. ” – Forestry crafts

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