Top 10 IPL restaurant deals in Mumbai right now

To commemorate the IPL, this popular resto-bar is back with its annual property – SOCIAL Stumps 2022. The restaurant locations in the city have been transformed into fan gathering places for Mumbai Indians. Additionally, SOCIAL has come up with 10 limited edition LLIITs inspired by the ten IPL teams. The drinks are the Mumbai Mania, Hyderabad Heros, Delhi Dhamaka, Chennai Lion, Kolkata Cavaliers, Rajasthan Regals, Lucknowi Blues and Gujarat Troopers.

5. 1441 Pizzeria

With several outlets in the city, 1441 Pizzeria offers its customers a number of discounts, freebies and combos. Customers can take advantage of “Power Play Monday” to get 50% off their second pizza, “Free Hit Wednesday” to buy one, get a free pizza deal, or celebrate 1441’s “Hatrick Friday” Pizzeria and have the chance to buy two pizzas and get one free. Plus, customers who predict the winning team on 1441 Pizzeria’s social media have a chance to win free pizzas.

6. Monkey bar

This bustling gastropub has unveiled the “Monkey Bar Pavilion 2.0”, a limited-edition menu inspired by each team’s state cuisine. Our top picks from this innovative menu are MVP Koliwada from Mumbai, Titans of Dabeli from Gujarat, Doi Bora Riders from Bengal, Masala Podu from Chennai, Royal Pithore from Rajasthan and King’s Fishy Feast from Punjab. To add to the fun, the Monkey Bar also offers discounts on its cocktails and beers.

7. Out of the Blue

Located in the leafy lanes of Bandra, the chefs at Out Of The Blue have crafted a menu specially designed for the IPL. Signature dishes on their special list are nachos served with Mexican salsa, cheese sauce and guacamole, plant-based meat platter, roast chicken lollipops, pork chili and ice cream with wine and biscuits. In addition, the restaurant’s drink menu has also been reduced.

8. High Butterfly

Joshua B. Speller