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Consolidation loans. Paying back several loans is a major challenge. Not only financial but also logistic. Many different banks, different repayment dates and amounts – different in each case. All this means that every few days we have to look at the calendar, remember about commitments, make transfers and stress about whether or not you have forgotten about something. And if this happens, we may have high-interest rates and an additional written payment request. Wouldn’t it be nicer to pay only one installment instead of several? And not too many different banks, but only to one? It would certainly be more convenient, faster and also cheaper.

Consolidate loans fast with our simple online form

Debt consolidation is the best way to settle debts faster and with less trouble

Many debtors use this mechanism, but not only. Consolidation loans are a tool that is also used by people who have more than one loan and loan. What is the consolidation loan? What is the idea of ​​its existence? What should be taken into account when we decide to consolidate loans and other financial liabilities? Simply put, consolidation is the combination of several debts into one, more convenient to pay and manage. Loan consolidation at is the most popular among people who have many payday loans. Payday loan consolidation is readily used by people who took payday loans at a time when interest rates were very high.

Today, when interest rates are historically low, it turns out that their loan can be much cheaper. Of course, negotiating the terms of the contract is out of the question, because no bank will agree to earn less since in law it can earn more. In this case, the only solution is to pay off the loan early. How can we do this if we don’t have so many savings? That’s what consolidation is. Consolidation loans are used to pay off existing debt and then restructure your debt by repaying a new loan in a new bank that was granted to us on new and much more favorable terms. It is a very convenient solution, especially for those who currently have high loan installments that they cannot cope with. Also, when you are aware that you took your loan in the best times when interest rates were not the lowest, it is worth thinking about whether consolidation loans can help you. How to find out?

Our consolidation loans good for you?

Each of us would like to pay a smaller loan installments than before. But how can you find out? What can we do to make sure that consolidation loans are right for us? Do we have any tools that allow us to find out? Unfortunately, it is not possible to fully automate the entire process without human intervention. Of course, in a situation where the interest rate of your installment is frighteningly high and you are sure that it can be much lower now, you should immediately think about a consolidation loan. However, in other cases, you can clearly reduce your monthly expenses by using consolidation loans. Thanks to the fact that they will be granted on a more favorable percentage, your monthly installment may be reduced by up to several dozen, and sometimes several hundred zlotys.

However, if you are not entirely sure whether it is worth consolidating your current loans and what profits you can have from it, we have simple advice for you. To this end, it is worth using a consolidation loan comparer and a calculator that works with it. All questions can also be answered during a meeting with a credit advisor. He is a person with extensive experience and knowledge who can easily calculate all costs and answer the profitability of such a step. Using the services of such persons is free and without obligation. After getting a quote for your consolidation loan, you’ll be able to take it home with you and think about it calmly.

All matters related to home finances should always be carefully and thoroughly analyzed, and not left to random choices. This is because the state of your budget and the ease with which you will be able to pay the rest of your financial liability depend on it. Apart from such an important financial aspect, it is also worth raising a separate issue, which is the convenience of managing only one loan with one installment, instead of several financial liabilities, paid on different days of the month. If you value your own comfort and time, you’ll definitely be satisfied with this solution.

Tips for safe online borrowing

Since the internet industry began to develop, the financial industry has decided to provide its services in it. The standard has become the use of online banking or incurring financial obligations without leaving home.

However, you must remember to be reasonable when sharing data on the internet. When you get a loan online, there are a few useful tips to follow.

Sending the application


The loan application should be completed only on websites that we trust and we are certain that they were not created solely for the purpose of phishing. Legally operating sites have a number of safeguards to protect data. We will immediately notice if such safeguards will be available.

The most advantageous solution will be to analyze the application and send it during your stay at home. We will be able to read everything carefully. Then you can eliminate many mistakes. At home, we will also be more vigilant than at work, which will be accompanied by rush.

Searching on trusted websites

Searching on trusted websites

You must remember to look for payday loans only on trusted websites. It is worth to use only websites that specialize in this type of offers and financial services. It is a good idea to use comparison websites. They publish reliable and verified offers on their websites.

They are also created by people who are interested in finances and are familiar with financial services. Therefore, for example, compare payday loans. This is a site run by professionals. It offers a wide range of high quality loan offers. In this case, you can be guaranteed reliability and honesty.

Verification transfer

Please note that before the payday loan is given to us, the non-banking company may ask us to perform a verification transfer. Usually, this is a symbolic amount of up to PLN 1.

However, if the lender wants a transfer for a higher amount, for example PLN 10, you should turn on a red light that something is wrong and that such lender may turn out to be dishonest. In such a situation you should quickly give up the offer. You can also work around the verification transfer, check out the article “Chwilówki without verification transfer”.

Thorough checking of the loan company


Due to the fact that the loan application must provide personal data, as well as send an ID card scan, the credibility of the company whose services we want to use should be checked very carefully. To do this, read the reviews on the internet. Thanks to this, you will be convinced that our data will not fall into the wrong hands.

It should be remembered that even if we conclude a contract via the Internet, we are obliged to meet the conditions contained in the contract. We must stick to the agreed repayment deadlines so that we do not have serious problems.

It is therefore very important to read the contract carefully before signing the documents, which the loan company will send us in PDF form. You will then be able to see if any of the points of the contract are unfavorable to us.

Credit Account – How Credit Cards Work

Some of the loans and credits we present here at Porthos are of the type of online credit, or credit accounts with a different name. This type of loan is becoming more common and will be even more common in the coming years. Above all, the type of loan is very common among new fast loans.

A common way of describing credit accounts is to present them as “credit cards without cards”. It is a comparison that holds in some parts, but there are also some differences between credit accounts and credit cards. In this article, we present the typical features of credit accounts so that you can see if this type of loan / credit may be suitable for you.


A current credit online

credit online

A credit account is a standing credit that you can use on an ongoing basis with withdrawals and deposits. Each withdrawal basically acts as a separate quick loan on which interest is calculated. Withdrawals normally take place via the lender’s website, but there are also lenders who can pay out money upon request in an app or by phone.

Unlike a quick loan, your credit can be dormant. When you are granted a quick loan, the money is paid out directly, but the same does not apply to credit accounts. Of course, however, you can of course request a payment immediately upon granting if you wish. The fact that you are applying for a credit account is probably because you need to take out a loan right now.

Credit accounts do not accrue interest until you make a withdrawal. Therefore, this type of credit is an alternative to having your own buffer. However, a small set-up fee may sometimes apply. The reason is that the lender has credit check costs and more even if you do not make a withdrawal.


Loan amounts of up to $ 50,000

Loan amounts of up to $ 50,000

The majority of lenders offering credit accounts offer amounts between $ 5000 – 20,000. However, there are players who have significantly higher ceilings than that, in fact up to $ 50,000. It is, as usual, creditworthiness and ability to pay that determine the individual maximum limit.


Credit account costs

Credit account costs

In total, there may be three costs associated with credit accounts. It is about:

  • Setup fee
  • Redemption fee
  • Interest

The setup fee is the least common. Only a few lenders charge one. Withdrawal fees are much more common. It is then that you are charged a direct interest rate of a few percent for each withdrawal. Even if you pay back the loan after just one day, you are obliged to pay the withdrawal fee.

Some lenders are content with the withdrawal fee, at least for the first time. In others, interest starts to run from the first day. Since different operators have different principles for costs, it is important that you compare credit accounts.


How to withdraw money

How to withdraw money

With a credit account, you can transfer money from your online lender account to your bank account when you need a deposit. It’s a simple thing to make withdrawals. Normally, you just need to log in to the lender’s website and specify the amount you want to transfer. Just like regular quick loans, it usually takes a maximum of one business day before you see the money in your account.


Advantages and disadvantages

A natural question in this context is why you should / should / can choose a credit account over a regular fast loan. To answer that question, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the loan type.

The most obvious advantage of credit accounts is that you get more freedom of choice. You do not have to settle for ready-made offers within fast loans, but can tailor your loan exactly as you want it (through your withdrawals). If you need a supplement of, for example, $ 3500 for ten days, you can withdraw just that sum and pay back within ten days. Of course, having a larger frame to withdraw from is also an advantage.

Another benefit is that you often have more flexibility when it comes to repayment. A quick loan must be repaid within a certain time. Instead, for credit card withdrawals, you can often postpone the repayment much like you can for credit cards.

What can be seen as the biggest disadvantage of credit accounts is the usually tougher credit check that is done. Generally, it is more difficult to get a credit account granted than a quick loan and there are also fast loans without UC (ie without control at the Information Center). Of course, the loan amount plays a certain role in this context, but it is generally necessary to have a more stable economy in order to have a credit account granted. It becomes particularly problematic if you have payment notes.


Credit card comparison

Credit card comparison

That said, it is not uncommon for credit accounts to be compared to credit cards. It is a comparison that is both clearly valid and which at the same time holds something.

The obvious similarity is that the credit account functions as a current credit. Just as you can use your credit card only when you need it, you can claim the credit in your account when the need arises. In this aspect, the credit account functions as a “card without credit”.

The fact that the comparison is limiting is due to the fact that withdrawals in credit accounts can never be seen as interest-free loans. When you pay with a credit card, you always have at least 30 days interest-free credit. If you pay the invoice on time, the credit costs you nothing. However, withdrawing from a credit account costs money from the first day.

Discover the Opinions of your loans

FreeDaypay is an entity specialized in offering online loans in a fast, agile and intuitive way, also with Financial Credit Institutions being one of the advantages of this entity. You can request up to 1000 euros to return in 35 days, if you are already a customer you can increase the return period.

What is FreeDaypay

What is FreeDaypay

It is one of the micro-loan companies that work in Spain, marketing fast loans in just under 15 minutes. From the entity understand that for many situations urgent money may be needed. Covering an unexpected or unexpected expense is a need we can all have at any given time. Having a quick credit as this can be this we believe is necessary.

Accessing these credits online FreeDaypay is somewhat easy having also much less requirements than those seen in banks. The same happens in all online loans we see in the market

You can get money instantly by being processed without paperwork or waiting.

Kind Microcredit
Purpose Anyone
Destination You can assign it to whatever you want
Who can apply for the credit? Physical persons
Is it a quick loan? Yes
Amount From 50 to 1000 euros
Return period From 5 to 65 days
APR or interest rates Consult web
Requirements Few
How long does it take Minutes
There are alternatives Yes, other micro-loan companies
Web Official website

Characteristics of FreeDaypay Loans

Characteristics of FreeDaypay Loans

When talking about this financing we certainly have to mention the fact that it is a type of financing where clients get money immediately.

Among the characteristics of FreeDaypay loans we can mention the following:

  • It is an online loan because all the processing is done online.
  • Request between 50 and 1000 euros in less than 5 minutes.
  • Flexibility is guaranteed and customers can choose the term and amount they want.
  • You can identify yourself through Facebook or Linkedin.
  • Payment terms adapted to 65 days for customers, new customers are limited to 35.
  • Transparency and clarity, customers can know the cost of their operation.

Through the FreeDaypay credit simulator you can know exactly the cost of the miniprestamo.

No hidden costs

  • Verification process through data verification tools and secure payment.
  • In case of approval the money is transferred automatically to the bank account of the owner.
  • The security of your data is assured because it complies with the guidelines of the LOPD.

Your data is not used for other purposes except for those indicated in the Privacy Policy.

  • You can process the credit being in Financial Credit Institutions, Equifax, Rai and other files of defaulters.
  • You can not apply for a loan in FreeDaypay if you have one still active.

Until you cancel the first one, you will not be able to request the second.

FreeDaypay accepts Financial Credit Institutions being undoubtedly one of the benefits that customers get.

Being able to get money while at Financial Credit Institutions does not mean that they are not going to analyze it because all the entities do it.

As an alternative to this entity we can name among others

Interest rates and financial cost

Transparency in online finance is 100%, so they tell you at all times what interest rate they apply to their loans. The amount to be paid is the same as that shown in the entity’s credit simulator. If you pay within the agreed period there is no additional cost, if in case of delay or delay. At the same time if you make advance payments your cost will be reduced by saving interest. If you complete the credit simulator you will know at all times what the financial cost is

How much money can I request?

The amount is from 50 to 1000 euros between 5 and 65 days although everything depends on whether you are new or old customer.

According to this the term to return the money will be different.

Requirements for requesting a FreeDaypay loan

Requirements for requesting a FreeDaypay loan

Like other companies specializing in online credits, the requirements to access this financing are few.

These are the conditions that you must fulfill to obtain money:

  • Be of legal age, between 18 and 70 years old.
  • Have DNI or NIE.
  • It is necessary to have a fixed income.
  • If you have old debts with FreeDaypay you can not ask for a new loan.

FreeDaypay accepts Financial Credit Institutions?

The answer is yes, as long as you do not have debts with them you can access their quick loans despite being on a list of defaulters. This does not mean that they do not value it in risk analysis, if they do. Now, it is not a reason why you are going to deny it.

It should also be noted that it depends on the type of debts you have in the file. If you are in Financial Credit Institutions due to unpaid loans, you can not see it in the same way as it is by telephony. It’s a good thing because few Fintech accept loans with Financial Credit Institutions and other delinquent listings

For what reasons can you deny the request?

They can do it not only for not fulfilling the requirements but also for other reasons. Fulfilling what the financial request does not guarantee you obtain the loan. If you have a greater chance to get the mini credit but nothing more. The entity what it does is to see your credit history both current and old for based on that decide whether you are interested or not lend.


Personal loan offers for holidays

This summer season begins with a number of offers from financial entities. Many of these offers are attractive, with good interest rates. The amounts vary according to each institution. According to a study recently conducted by American Express Spain, Spaniards will spend an average of 2070 euros on the summer holidays 2018.

Personal loans for vacation

Personal loans for vacation

One of those lender institutions is Younited Credit, where you can get from € 1000 to € 40,000 that you can pay from 24 to 72 months. One of the benefits of Younited Credit is that the rates of all loans are fixed, with no hidden costs. The loan rate depends on the amount you choose and also on the term in which you will pay.

Another organization that offers attractive loans is Elton Bank. In Elton bank you can request from € 3,000 to € 50,000 that you can pay from 1 to 8 years. Elton’s interest rates are competitive and are more beneficial if you enter your payroll with the organization and take out life insurance. If you do that, the TIN you must pay will be 8.45% and the APR of 9.00%. If you do not wish to link with Elton, you can also request the loan but the TIN will be 9.45 / and the TAE will be 9.87%.

In Bankil you can request a direct credit from € 500 to € 6000 that you have a term to pay from 12 to 42 months. The minimum and maximum interest rate is TIN 22.12% – TIN 24.51%. In lend from € 3000 to € 50,000 with an APR that is between 8.25% and 10.36%.

At the bank of Agribank you will find all kinds of loans for any of your needs. Some of the loans you will find are of a not very high amount, such as the Loan Expansión Punctual, perfect for small specific needs, and the expansion line, with which you can count on amounts of up to 5000 euros. With the Loan Expansión Punctual they lend up to € 3000 that you can return in different terms that suit you, without interest and with a TAE of 10.63%. For a loan of € 2000 the term is maximum 10 months.

Another good option is Crediteria, where you can request from € 3000 to € 75,000 that you can pay from 2 to 10 years. Crediteria manages a TIN from 6.95% and APR from 7.73%. To apply for the loan it is necessary that you have an account in Crediteria, although you can get the best interest rates if you pay your salary or pension in the organization during the entire duration of the loan.

It is necessary that the payroll or pension that domicilies is for an amount greater than 1000 € per month, in case it is a single holder. If there are two or more holders, the sum of the payrolls or pensions that are domiciled in Crediteria must be at least € 1500 per month. There are no fees for the study of the loan, if there is an opening commission of 2.30%. So we invite you to take advantage of these holiday loan offers, so that you can take the trip of your dreams.

Personal loans online – Mini Loans without explanations

Advances of Mini Alternative loans to banks

Advances of Mini Alternative loans to banks

We provide quality, banking professionalism in addition to fantastic conditions. All simple procedures and online. Only with your mobile phone, computer or tablet, enough to get the money you want in minutes.

Loans with Financial credit Institutions

Loans with Financial credit Institutions

We grant immediate Mini Loans even if you have money, it is also possible. If you are worried about something that you need to solve, with us you can achieve it right now. In a matter of a moment you will have the money available in your account.

What it means to be in Financial credit Institutions

What it means to be in Financial credit Institutions

Being in the Financial credit Institutions Registry means that you have had a default for which you have been placed on the list. Maybe you have not paid Vodafone. You may not have paid a receipt for your credit or returned it. Or you have not paid the receipt of the credit card. Also, fines from the hacienda are reflected in Financial credit Institutions. That is why getting a loan with Financial credit Institutions is complicated, because few entities risk it. It is not the case here exposed, where you can get it easily.

Request our financing

Request our financing

From here you can request our loans online quickly. The money in your bank account at the moment. Without leaving home, from the comfort of your home.

About Personal Loans in Spain

About Personal Loans in Spain

The formalization of a loan implies implicit commitment on the part of the borrowers of their return. Which must occur in the periods marked in addition. Not paying the loan on the corresponding date may cause extra expenses for commissions and penalties. Familiarize yourself with Romeo by exploring our blog.

Romeo a reliable and innovative company

Romeo a reliable and innovative company

On the web you have all our information which will reassure you and also give you the confidence you need. Similarly you can apply for the loan, update and explore more about finance from our blog Romeo zone, our twitter or Facebook.

7 concepts you should know before applying for a payday loan consolidation

If you are thinking of buying a house and need to apply for a mortgage, pay attention. In this article, we will explain some of the most important financial concepts you should know before sitting down to negotiate with your bank. Information is power and it is better to know the meaning of how to get out of payday loans without paying.

This is what you need to know before applying for a mortgage

Mortgage fee

The mortgage payment is what you will pay each month until you return the entire loan received. Does this mean that if you pay 400 euros per month you will cancel 400 euros of debt? No. The fee is composed of capital and interest. The capital is the money that you have borrowed and that you have to repay, while the interest is the price you have to pay to receive the loan.

French amortization system

The payment of interest on your loan is governed by a repayment system known by that name and characterized by the constant quotas. This means that each month the bank receives interest based on the capital that remains to be amortized. As a result, during the first years of mortgage is when you pay more interest, while in the final period of the loan almost everything that is amortized is capital.

Compound interest

Compound interest is your friend when you invest and your enemy to get into debt. The total amount of interest you will pay for your mortgage is based on the number of years it takes to return it. This means that for two mortgages of the same amount and with the same interest rate, if one is 20 years and the other 40 years, for the second you will pay much more interest than for the first.


The guarantor is the person who is responsible for paying the debt. In case of default, he will answer for you with all his assets. The normal thing is that in a mortgage loan the guarantee is the house itself, so if you do not return the loan, the bank keeps your house to compensate the debt. However, sometimes banks can ask for a third party’s guarantee when applying for a mortgage.


Commissions are fees charged by most financial entities as consideration for certain services, such as applying for a mortgage. In the case of mortgages, you can find commissions of all colors (opening, the risk of interest rate, novation or subrogation, partial or full amortization …). The idea is that your mortgage loan has less better.

Taxes linked to the mortgage

When applying for a mortgage you are required to pay certain taxes. On the one hand, there is the Tax on Documented Legal Acts, which both the client and the bank pay. In the case that the house is new work must also pay the Value Added Tax (VAT). On the other hand, if it is a second-hand dwelling, it is necessary to face the Patrimonial Transmission Tax.

Privileges On Sam’s Discover Card

When credit rating is there in excellent condition, you can offer no problem qualifying for credit loans. You’ll have to select of getting a loan via Payday Now. This is great since you are not essential to put anything up for collateral, which means you won’t lose any of your personal belongings or assets should your default on the loan. Once your credit is not so great, most people think you cannot get a financing. The reason a lot of people believe this is because of it precisely what the big credit lenders want for you to definitely believe. However, there are various other places you probably loans should you have bad credit loans credit.

5) Continue over this 12 months to purchase everything on your own discover card payment, then immediately transfer it to your Citi card. This will build up your purchasing points with discover. Also, this improves your credit as the creditors do not see your account as your record is really read as “he paid it late payments.paid in full within the first month of debt” Rock on.

A global marketplace us bank mortgage login like the internet is terrific and positively gives the customer access to more bargains and more selections than you ever have. However, if laboriously converting currencies to AUD or wondering how long shipping from overseas will take, is hindering the shopper from Australia, the actual online auction, Australia may be the perfect answer.

The “Y” requires the use of a bank of America lost a card for membership. Can perform cancel at any time, but must give 30 days written enjoy. If you wish to go on vacation, obtain suspend your membership for up to three long months.

If you aren’t adding any custom options to the laptop, scroll down and give it a look at the printers. Although you don’t want a device. It should state that there is a $100 rebate on the printer. I picked the Epson NX420, may list at $99.95. And although you’re paying taxes on it, remember that you most likely getting 6% cashback that can sell it for half price on Craigslist or eBay. Or give it to her so she can stick shots of your mug on her wall and throw darts at him.

#Fun shows. Winning money is always fun. Discover gives users the chance to win millions of dollars limited to using their credit greetings card. To add to options the prize, they will be handing out a total of $ 50, 000. Half can give towards winner for this monthly prize, while half will be sent to a public school chosen along with the winner. If this doesn’t amaze you, they’re even freely giving twenty-five dollar gift cards to a great deal of and fifty Discover users every calendar day. How’s that for an exciting card?